Our Practices

Farming Smarter Not Harder

We believe in working with nature, not against it. Our commitment to sustainable practices and ecological responsibility is at the core of everything we do.

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We're Certified Organic

We go through a lot of extra steps and expense to maintain our organic certification each year. Why? Because we are raising a family on the farm and we care about what we eat. It’s better for the people, better for the planet, and better for the wildlife. 

We're Renewable Powered
We are close to generating 100% of our annual energy needs on site with both solar and wind power. We use 100% biodiesel made from waste vegetable oils in our tractors and delivery truck.
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We Improve the Soil

Based on annual soil tests, we add essential minerals and compost to each vegetable bed to optimize nutritional value. We minimize tillage, plant cover crops, and use long-term crop rotations to maintain healthy living soil. This translates to healthy plants and nutrient-dense vegetables. 

We Encourage Biodiversity

We use a variety of native perennials and annuals to attract beneficial insects and pollinators. These good bugs help us with pest management. And searching for critters keeps our son entertained out in the field.

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Cultivating Connections

Farming with Purpose

Our farm is a living, breathing ecosystem where every element plays a vital role. From the soil to the sky, we work in harmony with nature to bring you the freshest, most flavorful produce.