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Discover the delicious possibilities of farm-fresh ingredients with our collection of recipes and musings at The Kitchen Table. From seasonal dishes that celebrate the bounty of the harvest to creative ways to use every part of the produce, our recipes are a testament to the vibrant flavors and nourishing benefits of eating locally and seasonally. Join us on a culinary journey that brings the farm to your table.

08, Mar
In order to support your efforts to eat locally and seasonally, we created a free A-to-Z Vegetable and Fruit Storage Guide!
09, Sep
Celebrate the flavors of spring with this delightful dish, featuring fresh peas, aromatic herbs, and a light sauce.
09, Sep
Transform often-discarded broccoli stems into a velvety, nourishing soup that's both delicious and sustainable.
09, Sep
Start your day with this protein-packed omelette, filled with tender asparagus and nutrient-rich greens.